Redshift 2 Houdini - Redshift Object Matte Options / by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! In this new Redshift tutorial, I will be covering the Redshift Matte options found in the Redshift Object properties. I noticed a lot of people are still using the old deprecated Redshift Shadow Catcher Shader so I decided to make this tutorial to cover how to use the rsMatte object properties and the different options this system provides. While this tutorial is in Houdini, the same principles will apply to all the different 3d packages using Redshift. Make sure to check the respective apps documentation page if you have trouble finding the matte options. They are typically available in the same location as your visibility or tesselation/displacement options are.

Thanks again everyone for all the support on my Patreon and Youtube channel. This helps me continue to provide in-depth tutorials and free short Youtube tutorials. Its really appreciated. -