Redshift 2 Maya - Tutorial #19 - Direct Maya Fluid Rendering & Cleaning Volume Noise by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! In this new tutorial we will be covering the relatively new (last few months) feature for direct Maya fluid volume rendering inside of Redshift. We will cover some of the settings and how to assign the rsVolume. You no longer need to convert your volume into a VDB. We will also cover how to clean up volume noise. I have also included the scene file on my Patreon linked below.


Thanks again everyone for all the support on my Patreon and Youtube channel. This helps me continue to provide in-depth tutorials and free short Youtube tutorials. Its really appreciated.

Starting Patreon and Youtube Channels by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! So its been a long what feels like ages since I updated my Squarespace. I figured I would start updating it and update my Squarespace blog more often. I have been busy lately with my Youtube channel and Patreon page which cover tutorial material specifically for Redshift and environment work. I look forward to posting new interesting content here in the future.

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