Patreon Course Preview - #17 - Mountain Environment & Quixel Mixer by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! Here is tutorial #17 covering Houdini terrains, Megascans, and Quixel Mixer to generate a snowy mountain terrain. This tutorial is roughly 4 hours long covering several subjects as we build this scene from scratch. The files below are split up into several 7zip's as it is over 900mb uncompressed. You will need to re-wire the megascans textures since its linked using the megascans bridge in the tutorial video. (I show how to manually edit the texture links also.)

Redshift 2 Maya - Tutorial #19 - Direct Maya Fluid Rendering & Cleaning Volume Noise by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! In this new tutorial we will be covering the relatively new (last few months) feature for direct Maya fluid volume rendering inside of Redshift. We will cover some of the settings and how to assign the rsVolume. You no longer need to convert your volume into a VDB. We will also cover how to clean up volume noise. I have also included the scene file on my Patreon linked below.

Thanks again everyone for all the support on my Patreon and Youtube channel. This helps me continue to provide in-depth tutorials and free short Youtube tutorials. Its really appreciated.

Patreon #16 - ACES Pipeline for Redshift & Custom OCIO Profiles *Available March 4th* by Saul Espinosa


Hey guys! This month Patreon tutorial will be another technical one. This is a complex and confusing subject matter that I see asked about a lot. I figured I would make a tutorial covering ACES & OCIO for CGI. There isn't a lot of information about these subjects out on the web so this will be perfect for people interested in ACES + OCIO pipelines across multiple applications.

I will cover ACES setup, texture asset conversions, ACES input/output spaces. Keeping ACES the same across multiple applications, and finally, how to make a custom OCIO profile we can use in all OCIO capable application. This is a complex and in-depth tutorial I think many users will benefit from. As usual, all files will be included with the tutorial. The tutorial will be posted for all my Patrons March 4th. Thanks!