Patreon - Houdini 17 - Custom HeightField Redshift Instancer Tool - Tutorial by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys! In my last Patreon #13 covering the new Height-field scatter SOP features in Houdini 17 I mentioned that I was planning on building a custom HDA to easily replace the packedprim scatter with Redshift instances or Redshift proxies using either the Instance or InstanceFile system.

This custom HDA lets you do this easily without having to write VEX or any attribute wrangles each time you need to instance proxies on Height-Field Scatters. Watch the tutorial to learn how to use it, to install it just drop it into your Houdini OTL folder.

The Download link can be found on my Patreon.

New Houdini 17 Master Class - Terrains part 2 by Saul Espinosa

Part 2 of the new terrains tutorial by SideFX covering some of the new features for environments in Houdini 17. This new tutorial focuses on the new terrain height field scatter improvements.

The new H17 height field scatter is very powerful with a lot of built in features to control your scatters. It is very similar to the Maya MASH Ecosystem node. In the future when we build more environments I will be using this new system moving forward.

I still recommend you learn the standard method of scattering and creating your own attributes though for further control but having this new feature does make things easier. Enjoy!

Redshift for Houdini 17 is now available! by Saul Espinosa

Hey guys, as many of you now know Houdini 17 released yesterday. Juanjo the Houdini dev for Redshift decided to share an early preview build for people to use inside of Houdini 17 until the proper plug-in releases. For now it is a plug-in patch file you download and add to the already available 2.6.23 build. Here is a link to the forum post with the Houdini 17 plug-in download link. Follow the instructions and update your environment file like usual. Lots of really cool new features in Houdini 17, enjoy guys!